So I am not the biggest fan when it comes to ME wearing glasses. I honestly think there are a lot of women who look gorgeous and way better with glasses than me. To find the perfect sun glasses is as difficult for me as finding the perfect glasses that I can actually wear outside. So I went to a local shop to try on a few of their glasses. At first I was unsure what kind of style I like so I tried a few glasses with different shapes, colours and sizes on. I even was open about the brand of the glasses. But then I found the perfect glasses. It was the perfect combo of gold and black and the shape was even flattering for me. It’s about D&G’s DG1268 glasses I am talking about.




Before I decided to get them from the shop directly I wanted to compare the prices from the shop to online offers. Of course I found the glasses way cheaper on the internet. But at the same time I was worried about if the glasses are original and if the glasses are also qualitative. After a while I found the glasses on Smartbuyglasses. The order was quite easy and smoothy. Questions is be answered on the homepage and the shipping took arround 2 weeks. Even though I am don’t feel completly confident with glasses on I think I found my favorite ones.





I hope to give you a little inspiration with this post for everone who is or was as desperate as me.

Feel inspired,
Gaya <3